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‘Shea’ Goodbye to Dryness: 5 Benefits of Shea on Skin

‘Shea’ Goodbye to Dryness: 5 Benefits of Shea on Skin

Washing your hands has become pretty routine at this point (we hope). You’ve probably memorized your go-to 20 second washing songs, and you even have a few backups prepared for when they get old. 

So you’ve figured out how to wash really well, but not how to keep your hands from drying out. That’s because traditional hand soaps can be loaded with harsh chemicals and fillers that suck the moisture out of your skin. They leave you with a pair of dry, cracked, red, itchy hands. We’d give that experience a thumbs down. 

That’s why we infused our pods with soothing shea to keep your hands feeling moisturized. Here are just 5 (of many) reasons why shea is a super-soother for your skin: 

High Fatty Acid Content
Shea’s superpower is its elevated level of fatty acids. When applied, shea’s oils rapidly absorb into the surface of your skin to restore lipids and rehydrate.


Anti-Aging Properties
With high levels of vitamins A and E, shea has awesome antioxidant properties. Shea triggers increased circulation to the skin, which protects against premature aging.
Boosts Collagen Production
Shea can help boost collagen production with triterpenes (AKA a fancy name for a chemical compound that helps restore elasticity to skin and minimizes fine lines).
Anti-Inflammatory Powers
Shea has been proven to help reduce redness and swelling. This benefit is especially helpful in dry weather, or for those who are prone to eczema and other inflammatory skin conditions.
Safe for Everyone
Shea doesn’t contain chemical irritants known for drying out skin or clogging pores. While it’s technically a tree nut product, shea is low in the proteins that trigger allergies. 

Whether it’s your first wash of the day, or the hundredth one before bed, the shea oil in Gelo keeps your hands soft and silky smooth. 

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