Cleaner, Greener, & Easier

How Gelo helps you stay clean, save time, money & the planet

Dr. Amy H. Malone Havard Medical
Dr. Amy H. Malone Havard Medical
Dr. Amy H. Malone Havard Medical
Dr. Amy H. Malone Havard Medical

A Powerful Clean

Being clean is at the center of everything we do. From the ingredients we use, to the ways we make and deliver our products, we're committed to a cleaner way.

High Quality Cleansers

Concentrated cleansers comprise over 85% of each pod. No excess fillers (like those in ordinary soaps), means a deep clean every time you wash your hands.

Nourishing Essential Oils, Shea Oil, & Oat

All Gelo Hand Soaps contain a blend of essential oils, Shea Oil, & Oat to nourish and replenish hands. Dermatologist and performance tested, Gelo is ideal for frequent hand washing.
The mechanics
The mechanics

Easier to Use

For decades, dirty formulas, bulky jugs and messy spills have made dealing with hand soap a time-consuming task.

With Gelo Foaming Hand Soap and Refill Pods, the power of a simple and better clean is now in the palm of your hand.

How It Works

Drop a pod in your hand soap bottle, fill with water, and, in seconds, experience a great clean without the need to lift, pour, or clean up liquid soap.

Easier to Carry & Store

By removing the excess water from our formulas, Gelo Refill Pods weigh 10 times less than comparable packages of liquid hand soap, making them much easier to carry, store, and use.

The mechanics
The mechanics

Saving You Money

We pass on the savings from eliminating excess packaging and the efficiencies from shipping concentrated formulas directly to you. 

With refills starting at $1.25/bottle, you start saving money with your first purchase. 

Protecting the Planet

Removing the dirty also means keeping our planet clean.

Clean Formulas

All of our formulas are biodegradable, they don’t persist in the environment, contaminate the water stream, or contribute to micro plastics pollution.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

By virtue of their compact size, Gelo Refill Pods dramatically reduce carbon emissions associated with transportation. Fewer trucks on the road also means a lot less traffic!

Reduce Landfill Waste

Gelo Bottles are designed for re-use. That means a longer lasting product for you and less waste in landfills.
The mechanics

Why People Love Gelo

Dr. Samuel H. Malone Havard Medical Jefferson H.

"The end of single use plastic is just starting and we’re thrilled to see it. This is a product that is not only well made but it’s also something I can talk to my kids about. Love it"

Dr. Samuel H. Malone Havard Medical Ryan U.

"I love the consistency of the soap. It lathers very well and my hands feel so soft after using it. All of the scents are wonderful but Cucumber Melon is my favorite for the Spring season. LOVE Gelo!"

Dr. Samuel H. Malone Havard Medical Kelly M.

"I'm really careful about the products I use because I sometimes have sensitivity. Happy I tried the Clean & Dye-Free because I loved the formula and had no reactions. Will definitely buy it again!

Dr. Samuel H. Malone Havard Medical Heidi N.

Love this! and it's such a value. Dropped the pod into the bottle, closed the cap, turned my back for not more than 20 seconds to do something and *poof* it had already dissolved without me having to shake or anything!"

Dr. Samuel H. Malone Havard Medical Jen C.

"Love the dissolving pods—so much easier to store than the usual refill bottles and with nearly zero packaging waste. The thick, foamy soap smells gets the job done and has an amazing, clean scent. Would definitely recommend!"

Dr. Samuel H. Malone Havard Medical Nicole P.

"As a person with sensitive skin, I appreciate the quality and softness my hands feel hours after using. The fragrance is light and refreshing. I highly recommend this hand soap and will be recommending to my friends and family."

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