Bring Your Own Bottle

How to Use Your Own Bottle with Gelo Refill Pods

Step 1

Check if You Have a Foaming Hand Soap Pump

Gelo Refill Pods are designed to working with Foaming Hand Soap pumps. 

To check if you have a Foaming Hand Soap pump, simply pump out a little soap. If it comes out looking like a cloud, then you're all set!

Step 2

Fill Water & Add Gelo Refill Pods

For every 5 oz of water, add 1 Gelo Refill Pod. 

Here's a Handy Guide

For a 5 oz bottle, add 1 pod

For a 10 oz bottle, add 2 pods

For a 15 oz bottle, add 3 pods

Step 3

Enjoy Clean Hands!

Wash your hands as usual and let Gelo's cleansers and essential oils clean and nourish your hands!